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Download your personal data

Our app securely collects the data you already share with online services and removes all the personally identifiable information (PII)

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Earn whenever advertisers buy your anonymized data

Share your anonymized dataset with our ad platform and get paid

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Pay online for products and services

Pay with your earned credit in a growing number of online merchants accepting Liberdy payment method

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Get in the driver’s seat and start earning from the data you already share


You control what data you wish to share and with whom


All personal identifying information (PII) is removed from your files before they are aggregated


All transactions are recorded on the blockchain and payments are made automatically

Liberdy fully complies with GDPR regulation

Liberdy leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and GDPR regulation to empower users to manage their data rights.

By reclaiming Your data, you become an equal partner in the online advertising ecosystem for the very first time.

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Reclaim Your Data!

Join a vibrant, growing community where members get paid for sharing the same data they already share with Google and Facebook

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